Payge Stevens
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Movement, raw emotions, sunlight, and love

...these are a few of my favorite thiiiiings. I’ve been watching people for over 10 years, in a totally non creepy way. I know that everyone that has come in front of my lens loves in a different way and its an alluring thing. We are such amazing creatures and capturing the beauty, even in a small capacity, is fascinating and FLIPPING AWESOME. I want to see the way you love your fiancé, spouse, kids, pets, home, and anything else important in your life. I adore real smiles, cuddles, the still moments, and just watching you be you. I want to incorporate as much of you in to a session as possible so let’s talk about what you love, then make something exceptional from it.

I’m a pursuer of Christ, a wife to my lover/best friend/most amazing man to ever exist, and mother to 3 wild but precious boys. I love all things pink, chips & salsa, light, color, watching any and all zombie movies/shows (no matter how cheesy), shooting film, the office, going on adventures all over the world, playing soccer, talking in weird voices, singing (you’ll likely experience this during our session at some point), complimenting people, bohemian/hippie anything, and laughing loudly. I dislike the standard Pinterest shot lists, cheesy poses that show no emotion, actual cheese (I know, so un-American of me), airplane farts, rainy days, being cold, and when the chips and salsa run out. I love getting to know people and being friends with my clients, its important we know and trust each other so you feel completely comfortable with me. I want to celebrate your milestones with you and watch your family grow! Let’s do awesome things together!



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